Blade of God

Blade of God

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Blade of God is a 3D hardcore action game. The gameplay is centered on free combat, based on Nordic mythology, with multiple characters, multiple weapons, and skills. If you enjoy invigorating battles, it can definitely inspire your strong desire to fight. Esther, a girl with a mystery of identity, pays close attention to someone. Upholding her kindness and integrity, she keeps to stop the killing atrocities. In the end, she is determined to take you back from the madness with a sword blade. At this moment, the black hand lurking behind the fallen throne was also keenly noticed by the girl…

You, Chaos, a warrior with mysterious blood, died of exhaustion after being alone in a war against the invasion of the depraved god. And then, with the help of the guardian spirit, you returned to the Middle-Earth, but you be told that your parents were involved in a coup of the Kingdom. The anger of revenge is about to burn the depraved throne, but a bigger conspiracy is about to move in the depths. Presents the special charm of the female character, enchanting and mysterious guardian spirit, and the sexy star priest. Combine different fashions to show different charming styles. With the sexy action of dressing, present a refreshing feeling. Cultivate the goodwill of the female characters separately, cooperate with the plot and influence the trend of the end.

The main content of the game is invigorating and exciting combat, and it has combined a variety of elements and ability development systems. Confine the souls of depraved gods, summon on the battlefield, unleash the power of Demons to destroy everything. You can choose various weapons, such as Axe, Hammer, Scythe, etc., offers unique combat skills. Use combos and combat skills, transform, jump, dodge, and fight monsters freely. Every time encounter a desperate situation, you will be reborn as the strongest fighter with the growth of fighting skills. Each blow of the blade is accompanied by the spurt of blood, releasing the most primitive desire to fight. Avoid death with swift actions, master the rhythm and timing of the battle, and launch a fatal blow to the nightmare enemy

Win the highest glory in the collision of the blades, or everything will be taken away. In the face of powerful evil spirits and giant monsters, the weak life is fleeting. There are nearly 100 kinds of monsters and gods, which can be reproduced in front of your eyes with their distinctive shapes. Facing their fierce offensive, shocking power. Can you keep up the courage! A variety of exquisite QTE and execution skills, interpret your determination with a blade, tear the enemy’s body to pieces, and take the enemy’s life.



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Blade of God

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