Dangerous Shelter – Your Life is Your Choice

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▣ Game Description ▣
Dangerous Shelter is Lucydream’s brand new title, taking their games to new limits.
Combining the popular storytelling style of Lucydream’s previous titles
with brand new survival and skill mechanics.

Lucydream’s third game in the Dangerous Fellows universe!
Dangerous Shelter, a game combining story and survival!

▣ Prologue ▣
10 years after the events of Dangerous Fellows….
The whole world has been completely destroyed by zombies.
Doing your best to survive in this world
you end up in a Shelter, the only place where mankind can live safely….

▣ Game Features ▣
◆ Story events that happens in a variety of situations
◆ Fast game progression
(No waiting required to play the game or seeing the ending.)
◆ Plenty of unique character costumes
◆ Happy endings with the boys, heroic moments, and even bitter failure,
everything depending on your choice!

▣ Gameplay ▣
◆ Collect and watch all the endings!
◆ You have 180 days to prove your worth.
◆ Train yourself to better survive the wasteland.
◆ Earn money by working different jobs at the shelter.
◆ Explore the surroundings and find useful items.



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Dangerous Shelter – Your Life is Your Choice

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