Muse:Night Out

Muse:Night Out

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    Gemini Stars Games, Happy Max
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This is a game that unlocks girls by play paper scissor rock like games. You will enter 7 bars to go against the characters by playing guessing games. Only the first girl is traditional rock paper scissors, after that you play a game where each hand throw counts as 0, 5 or 10 and you have to guess the value of the throw. Each girl seems to have a bias as to what values they like to throw most, and the game keeps a running counter so you can see their running total.

If you win, there will be a drinking war. Only after winning the drinking war can you get to date a girl. Each bar have their own pretty girls, try to conquer them all (15 characters with very different personalities).You can take photos in the date interface. Try shoot in different poses. create a photo of yourself with the virtual character. Remember to share it with everyone using F12.



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Muse:Night Out

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