Tale of Immortal

Tale of Immortal

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    Lightning Games, 鬼谷工作室
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Tale of Immortal is an open-world sandbox based on Chinese mythology and cultivation. With a background based around ancient Chinese myths and stories, players will have a variety of interactive options with scenes and in-game NPCs, which will affect the storyline of the game and transform the game world. You will grow to become immortal, conquer the beasts from the Classic of Mountains and Season, make your choices carefully and grasp your own destiny. The theme of the game combines the immortal cultivation and the unique cultural background of The Classics of Mountain and Sea. Players will experience the journey from a mortal to a strong, god-like being.

The full version of the game will come with all the chapters, providing the full story of the game, with richer gameplay, new skills and characters, complete maps, more main & side quests. There are 6 complete chapters in the Early Access version of the game, providing around 5 hours of gameplay.
The price of the game may increase after the release of the full version. But you can definitely expect the quality of the added features and the gameplay improvements. All lines of communication with the gaming community will be open.



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Tale of Immortal

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