Cyber Manhunt

Cyber Manhunt

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Cyber Manhunt is a story-oriented puzzle game focusing on big data, hacking, citizen privacy, and social workers. Yes, this is a cyber manhunt games, combined with a network of violence, big data, loss of privacy and other social problems, to the story of puzzle games. Many of our plot settings refer to real events, so you can also see some familiar figures from some character image setting maps, and you can think of reality after playing the gameIt focuses on social issues such as cyber violence and privacy breaches.

In this process, sin will be exposed and punished, which will make people happy; but some people will suffer malicious insults and insults from the Internet keyboard man. When these cyber violence continue to escalate, the consequences often exceed the incident itself, and even more stressful and end precious lives. Therefore, developer decided to develop such a game related to the theme of “hacking”, “cyber manhunt” and “privacy data leakage”. We hope that players can play the role of a hacker, and find out their privacy secrets, like God controls the destiny of others behind his back and witnesses their end. developer hope that through this process, players can think and make their own right judgments.

Cyber Manhunt
Cyber Manhunt

And in order to give players a real hacking experience, developer even established a social engineering group to find some professor in the industry and ask them about social engineering. They even read the book The Art of Deception by the famous hacker Kevin David Mitnick, and saw how the real hacker master works. These online and offline learning directly opened the door to a new world for everyone in our team. The disciplines involved include social engineering, psychology, micro-expressions, tactics, etc. The rich content also allows us full of confidence in the subject matter and gameplay of the game.

Not just professionals and books, developer are also looking for inspiration in some film works. For example, through Who Am I: No System Is Safe, we have seen more artistic and more representative forms of hacking technology. Through Searching we have learned how to create reversals in details and how let the audience / player focus on where we expect them to focus. Every part of the learning has benefited us a lot, and we can’t wait to use them in their games.

Cyber Manhunt
Cyber Manhunt

·Rich Gameplay
There are a lot of Social Engineering features in the game, also include Reasoning, Tracking, Puzzles-Solving, Destroying and Invading etc..
·Highly Immersive
The player plays a hacker in the game, accepts the commission of a company, and completes cyber manhunt incidents.
·Multiple Chars
There are many characters on the stage who has its own personality characteristics and unknown stories. You play a hacker to discover the truth of the incident one by one.
·Complex Story
The game will judge the good and evil of the player’s behavior. Different judgments will trigger the corresponding plot direction.

Implemented some cyber manhunt means and integrated them into game:
Use known information to enter into the database. After filtering, perhaps other information about the target object.
·Web search
The player collects basic information about the target object through the browser search function.
Obtain the needs, social circles, etc. of the target object, choose disguise according to the information, and get more information by contacting the target object
Generate passwords based on the obtained target person information, and use it to log in to accounts on various platforms (including email, social platforms, chat software, etc.)
·Picture Analysis
Get valuable information and relevant clues from pictures.
·Chat Routine
After adding the target object as a friend, perform a chat Routine to get information.
Send phishing links to invade the target person’s hardware devices (computer, mobile phone), and obtain private information.
More advanced cyber manhunt methods will be unlocked later!



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Cyber Manhunt

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