Forgotten Fields

Forgotten Fields

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Forgotten Fields is a cozy narrative game about Sid – a struggling writer who travels back to his childhood home one last time before it’s sold off. Sid is a writer struggling with writer’s block, attempting to recapture the feelings of inspiration he felt when he was younger. In order to pay the bills, he needs to think up a story and apply for a grant – the deadline is today – a lazy Sunday in the middle of summer. Visit old friends, relive memories, solve puzzles and play through sections of Sid’s book in this warm game about nostalgia and the passage of time.

Forgotten Fields
Forgotten Fields

Simple, relaxing puzzles that keep gameplay interesting without slowing down the story. Take part in Sid’s creative process as you play through a parallel story set in a fantasy world – right out of the book that Sid is attempting to write. Cinematic presentation accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack by micAmic (Rainswept, The Cat Lady, Lorelai, Downfall). A friendly and supportive cast of characters with deep histories and fleshed-out personalities. An atmospheric, warm, and cozy world to lose yourself in as you get immersed in Sid’s journey back home.

Forgotten Fields
Forgotten Fields

On this Sunday, his struggle is disturbed by an invitation to attend an unavoidable family obligation – the place Sid grew up in is about to be sold, and his mother wants him to come home for a small party so he can say goodbye to it. Talk to old friends, run through the fields, swim in the ocean, and solve relaxing puzzles in this warm, slice-of-life narrative about nostalgia and the passage of time by the developer that brought you Rainswept. With the deadline approaching and his creative juices having frozen, this is not something he’s looking forward to.A warm, slice-of-life narrative about nostalgia, and the passage of time by the developer that brought you Rainswept.



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Forgotten Fields

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