Ace Campus Club
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A club simulation game where you will be playing the role of the president of the clubs within the university, with a big ambition but lacking the money to grow, push and develop the clubs under you to become the so called Super Popular Clubs. Receiving a call from your lawyer, and was informed that if you are capable of leading the campus‘s club to become the most popular ones, you will inherit a large sum of money. With the rare chance to finally stepping out, there will be money, and even girls. A rich story with exclusive storylines for the 5 heroines, chance encounter, Shuraba storylines! Steam Leaderboard (only available on Windows for now)

Ace Campus Club
Ace Campus Club

For the sake of the inheritance that you are not sure if those even existed, and the dreams within your heart to pursuit, you’ll need to lead the clubs from unknown obscurity, to become the apple of the school. You will 50 chances to act, with time not on your side, you will have to do whatever you could to acquire the funding, plan out how to use them, gain continued attention and influence for the clubs, and eventually increase their popularity to reach your goal. Although you are single for the time being, but we are also hoping that you could find your true love along the way.

Ace Campus Club
Ace Campus Club

Zhu Xueqin: Vice president of the student council, rather missy, has made a killing within the capital market, no leisure time. Good at writing official document, love cat and scared of mouse.
Ming Yuanxin: Legal Loli, and a fun loving prankster. The cooking instructor of the “Divine Church of the Flying Spaghetti”, rather active with the school’s scientific endeavors.
Bian Yu: A young girl that is emotionless, quiet and rather hard to understand. Came from a not so well-off family, and is off school to support her family and her grandfather’s medical bill by repairing damaged electronics, and has zero knowledge in regards of physiology.

Ace Campus Club
Ace Campus Club

Jin Ni: An idol who entered the college after graduating from an idol group. Has been pursuing the field of art, and with her being doing some E-commerce, it would seems she has been getting the bad habit of leaving things everywhere.
Lian Huishan: Solid, pure and professional, with an internship, a small budding business, and a part time amateur ero manga artist. She’s The big sister with a strong sense of eldership within her.



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Ace Campus Club

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