Uncharted Waters IV HD Version

Uncharted Waters IV HD Version

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“Uncharted Waters IV”, a popular title from the “Uncharted Waters” series, is now available in HD! Become an adventurer, merchant, or soldier and explore the 7 seas during 16th century Europe’s Age of Discovery. To do so, you must become the ruler of each of the 7 sea areas and search out the secret treasure “Hasha no Akashi”.
The game takes place in 16th century Europe, during the “Age of Discovery”. It is an ocean adventure simulation RPG where you take on the role of an adventurer, merchant, or soldier, and create dramatic experiences with the various people living in the same world.

Uncharted Waters IV HD Version
Uncharted Waters IV HD Version

The player’s goal is to become the ruler of the world’s 7 seas. To do so, in addition to becoming the ruler of each area of the sea, players must also search out the secret treasure “Hasha no Akashi” that lies deep within one of the sea areas. Search ruins scattered through the world, decipher treasure maps, and dig up hidden treasures… there are numerous events that will make your adventure even more dramatic. Set sail on your adventure! Upon gaining shares, you may end up in a war against your adversaries. By approaching their fleet, an event will trigger and the battle will commence.

Uncharted Waters IV HD Version
Uncharted Waters IV HD Version

Battles are mainly divided into artillery and close combat, and the victor will be decided based on your navigation officer, ship capacity, and player input. One-on-one fights and sniping may also occur, allowing you to enjoy heated naval battles packed with tension. Other than that, you can modify your ship at dockyards, hire navigation officers with various roles and abilities, gather intelligence at pubs, buy and trade items at guilds, hunt for treasure in ruins and churches, and more to enjoy your Age of Discovery adventure to the fullest. Full high-definition support and an updated user interface to match the wider display. Touch controls are also supported.



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Uncharted Waters IV HD Version

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