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Tight movement and map control multiplayer meets traditional exploratory FPS single player, from veterans of the Doom and Quake communities. Bolt jump over rivals and dive into inhabited silos of a wasted world! Using atmospheric story telling, DOOMBRINGER chronicles the clash between two rival clans. The Order of Sil’ocy and the Brotherhood of R’whin, dwindling factions of a wasted world. You enter the pivotal silo that supports Sil’ocy life, hoping to carve out a better life for your kind.


DOOMBRINGER wears its influences on its sleeve. Exploration, weapon variety and tight movement are emphasised above all else. It’s a chaotic, superlative experience – while very familiar for any Arena FPS fan. Episode 1, will be released soon as Early Access and should whet your appetite for more horde filled labyrinths in future! Select your avatar, grab a friend and as many enemies as you can find. Use your wits to control the resources, your speed to surprise and your raw, god-given aim to conquer.


Doombringer is a classic AFPS Quakelike in the darkplaces engine. The movement is an exaggerated vanilla Q3 with ramp jumping. Unlike many modern AFPS clones, DB is being built around a singleplayer campaign (although there is MP as well). The first 9 maps of the SP are completed at the time of writing. There is coop functionality, and perhaps the best value prop here is the speedrunning mode. It would be cool to see the game run at some speedrunning events in the future.


DOOMBRINGER is the fastest, most visceral and bombastic Arena FPS ever to grace the Earth. Tear your way through your opponents with brutal weapons. Send them flying with a rocket, crashing down with a shotgun, stunned with lighting or make swiss cheese of them with the Gotlung! All the tools are there, it’s up to you to put them together and leave the arenas a gib splattered mess! Featuring original multiplayer maps, new spins on old favourites, seven transformative power ups, nine deadly weapons and top hats. So many top hats. TOP HATS GALORE.



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