The Tenants
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Become a landlord and deal with problematic tenants as you build your rental property empire. Decide how to react to annoyed neighbors or police interventions. Will you rent your apartment to a college couple or an older lady with four cats? Decide which tenants you want to make business with. React to various situations… you never know what’s gonna happen: annoyed neighbours, problematic tenants, police involved? Gotta stay alert! Design your apartments and give them a polished look.

The Tenants
The Tenants

Everything you do earns you experience, which in turn unlocks new items for you to place in your own buildings. The main goal is of course to earn enough money to buy more apartments and begin the cycle anew without going broke. Style-wise it would be great to see the city actually improve from all the investment you put into the infrastructure. The first district are literal slums, separated from the second one with a barbed wire wall. It makes you feel like stereotypical slum lord. But of course completely subjective.

The Tenants
The Tenants

Get rid of that old paint and buy some new furniture or just change the floors. Do not overdo it though! The better it looks, the more money you make! Invest wisely to achieve maximum profit. Keep an eye out for the best bargain, and strike when you see an opportunity. Are you into risky deals, or you just want to play it safe? The choice is yours! Become a landlord and get involved in real-estate. You are the one in the driver’s seat. Stay calm, focused and ready to make your bussiness rise all the way to the top!

The Tenants
The Tenants

This game is an obvious early access title, so please beware that things might change quickly. The Tenants feels like a light mixture of The Sims with an Economic Simulator. Afterwards you can watch your tenant go along with their life, occasionally calling you to report something being broken or asking to re-paint their walls. From time to time you re-negotiate their contracts. In between you spend your time doing freelance work like renovating a kitchen, babysitting other tenants or trying to sell a house for someone else.

The Tenants
The Tenants



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The Tenants

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