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Take up your weapon in this RPG bullet-hell world and embark on a journey to right wrongs from long ago. Only you can defeat the evil forces of the Undying guardians and reunite the world with the fabled Archvale. A malicious and cruel king once ruled the land and terrorized all who faced him. He along with the fabled arch to Archvale have become the fodder for ghost stories and passed down myths. All that remains of him are the Undying; beings whom the king cursed with immortality to live out their eternity in his prisons. You and you alone can defeat the Undying and rid the world from the dark shadow the king has left.


Journey across diverse regions, looting and crafting your way to better weapons and equipment. The gameplay consists of traveling from “room” to “room” in an interconnected world. You can go anywhere at any time, but some areas are clearly meant for later. The game doesn’t hold your hand in where to go next, but it does have a map that allows you to see everything you’ve done, and pathways you have not been to. Since the loop here is “room” to “room”, you can be sure that you will always clearly tell what you have and have not doneThrough these upgrades you will be able to succeed against the host of enemies that await you and stand between you and the truth about the said-to-be-mythic arch to Archvale.


Badges act as a “perk” system. You can equip only so many, and each one tells you just how much space it will take to equip. These badges are obtained by entering special areas you encounter along the way and dodging some bullets. You can’t fire in these areas, and they are all about being able to maneuver around the threat while collecting little blue crystals. There are three waves, but getting hit only takes off a tiny sliver of health, and you start on the same wave you failed at. Eventually you can upgrade your capacity for these. Badges range from stat upgrades all the way to having an adorable creature float around enemies and lower their defenses. Every badge is thought out, and players who love to make “builds” will enjoy mixing and matching the dozens upon dozens of badges to achieve their desired result.


Augment your character via badges, allowing you to create a build that suits your playstyle. Skill-based bullet hell combat will put your weapons of choice to the test and require precision and speed to succeed. Craft over 200 weapons and armor using items gathered from the environment and from slaying enemies. A host of enemies across diverse environments and classic-inspired dungeons will take you across an ever changing map where you will find unique resources needed to complete your journey. Uncover the dark lore of the world on your quest to unearth the arch to the fabled world of Archvale. This game clearly has had a lot of care put into it, and it shows. If you are a fan of this genre, you won’t be disappointed.




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