Knell of St. Godhrkar

Knell of St. Godhrkar

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In The Knell of St. Godhrkar, you will experience a unique world that is at the slit between dream and reality, where you will be able to play original stories with POV narratives and observe characters acting on their own, until you interfere their choices. The English version of Day 5 and 6 has been released inside the Chinese full version. Even you try to save them from their ultimate end, death will not spare them as you wish. In this game, you can watch as 7 protagonists come to a crossroad, facing their own destiny. You will witness their own choices and the blood-splattering consequence they have on one another. There is no way out except to plunge them into the abyss…

Knell of St. Godhrkar
Knell of St. Godhrkar

Grand world with sophisticated details. Original and unique language and music. In this story, death is an inevitable end. History will repeat itself as 7 chosen propagandists come into the spotlight. You can choose to be a observer to experience the love-and-hate of their life, or the character to walk through the mist of danger and scheme. Adventurous and groundbreaking gameplay. Parallel narrative from 7 POV and manga-level vibrant CG lends more mystery to this luring story with multiple endings. The developer are a bunch of armature indie-game makers who just love to bring out our world of fantasy and wonder into life.

Knell of St. Godhrkar
Knell of St. Godhrkar



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Knell of St. Godhrkar

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